Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much ground will a pallet of sod cover?
A: A pallet of sod contains 450 square feet and will cover approximately a 20’x22′ area.


Q: When is the best time to lay sod?
A: Fortunately, in central Alabama, we can pretty much lay sod year round.


Q: How much water does sod need after it is laid?
A: There is no set amount. The rule of thumb is to keep it damp until it firmly takes root. In the summer that will be a lot of watering; however, in the cooler months not as much.


Q: How soon until I can walk on the newly laid grass or sod?
A: You can walk on it anytime.


Q: When do I mow it?
A: Sod is taking root and getting established! You can mow it when it needs it.


Q: Do you sell rolls of sod?
A: Yes, we sell a 30″ big roll. There is approximately 270 square feet per roll and you will need an installation machine to roll it out.